Spring Revolution Daily News for 18 September 2023

18 September 2023
Spring Revolution Daily News for 18 September 2023

The National Unity Government (NUG)

· The NUG announced that they would sell the land and buildings of the junta army in Pyin Oo Lwin Township to raise funds for the strategic military operation of the Spring Revolution.

· According to Ministry of Defence-NUG, there was an attack on the junta army taking security at the junta immigration office in Aunglan of Magwe Region. Reportedly, a junta soldier died.

Revolution Activities

· The military junta filed another lawsuit against Ma Su Yi Lin, Chair of Yangon Eastern University Students’ Union, with the charge under counter-terrorism law at the junta Eastern District Court.

· In Myinmu of Sagaing Region, there was a bomb attack via drone on junta troops stationed at the administration office and the school on their way back from invading near-by villages.

· According to a focal person of Black Wolf Army, there was a bomb attack on the junta soldiers eating their meal in Shwebo Township. Reportedly, a junta captain died and 5 junta members were injured.

· In Ayadaw Township, there were battles between the junta army and local PDFs in Naunggyi-I Village for three days. As the junta soldiers had a great loss, they conducted an air strike.

· In Sagaing Region, local people conducted prayer events and marches on the one-year anniversary of the junta’s air strike on the school in Latyatgone Village.

· The Special Envoy of the United Nations Human Rights to Myanmar stated that it was possible to put a stop to the junta’s attacks on the public by implementing a strategy of combined action against Myanmar’s military junta.

· In Sintku Township of Mandalay Region, Pyusawti killed a couple and their daughter aged 13 at a restaurant in Ngwe Taung Village.

· In Chanaye Thazan Township, there was a grenade attack at the junta’s Myawaddy Bank. Reportedly, a junta soldier died and two others were injured.

· In the eastern part of Madayar Township, local revolution force conducted two attacks on the junta army invading the area.

· In Tanintharyi Township of Tanintharyi Region, a soldier from the junta army Regiment (561) based in Nyaungbingwin Village contacted the local PDF and defected to them along with weapons on 13 September.

· In Gantgaw Township of Magwe Region, the junta soldiers and Pyusawti members have been invading the area. Reportedly, they shot dead two people and two members of the People’s Security Force in Thindaw Village on Saturday.

· In Britain, a combined rally of Myanmar community expressed their desire in front of London Parliament Building and the residence of the Prime Minister on Saturday for Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun to keep his representation at the United Nations.

· In New York of the US, Myanmar people marched as the UN Credentials Campaign on Sunday for U Kyaw Moe Tun to remain as Myanmar’s Ambassador to the UN, chanting slogan ‘Our Ambassador, Our Voice’.

· In Ho Chung of South Korea, Karen ethnic people from the Ayeyarwaddy Delta Region organized a football match on Sunday to raise fund for the revolution.

Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs)

· After the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) gained control of Lailum AungJa, a junta army camp on the other side of Nansanyan Village, the junta army conducted aerial attacks no less than ten times.

· In Paletwa Township of Chin State, 2 members of the local CDF lost their lives while they were on duty due to insufficient healthcare.

The Military Council

· Despite the junta’s effort to control the high cost of living, the public have had difficulty buying edible oil as there has been shortage of supply in the market.

· In Pulaw Township of Tanintharyi Region, there has been fighting from 14 to 17 September. Reportedly, the junta army has arrested over 100 local people as human shields.

· The 7 Sense Movie Production, owned by the daughter of the junta leader, has been arranging to show their movie ‘Untimely Rain’ under the name of SM Winner Productions.

· According to the junta Ministry of Health, they have been providing ART treatment to HIV patients at over 400 centers for the society free from HIV infection by 2030.

· According to the junta Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, 751,216 international tourists came to Myanmar from January to August 2023.

· Myanmar’s delegation led by the junta Minister of Construction met with the team led by Chinese Ministry for Urban and Rural Development in Nanning on Saturday.

· In Aungban Township, the junta Minister of Education and the responsible personnel inspected the construction of a school building in No. (10) High School on Saturday.

Summary on 18 September

· Not only local people but also Myanmar community abroad have been calling on the UN to keep U Kyaw Moe Tun as Myanmar’s Ambassador. He has tried hard for the voices of Myanmar people to be heard in the international community.

· The junta soldiers are like licensed robbers in Myanmar. The same is true for Pyusawti and other militias under the military junta after the coup. As for Myanmar people, they have to face the oppression of the junta armed forces on a daily basis.